ModCon Digital Art Competition 2017

Hi everyone!
I come back with a great news. So I entered ModCon Digital Art Competition 2017 held by Australian Embassy Jakarta, in collaboration with PopCon Asia 2017.
And guess what?? My artwork is shortlisted as one of the finalists!

They hold a public voting on Instagram to determine the winner, by number of likes.

So, for you guys Instagram users, I need your support to vote my artwork! Simply follow this link and give a like on my artwork. One like from you means so much for me :)

Now, talking about the theme. They put a theme "Aussie Banget" ('So Aussie'). Why I choose Great Barrier Reef? Because, when people being asked about what the first thing in mind when you heard 'Australia'? Most of them will directly think about kangaroo, koala, 'good day', opera house, and or even the lifestyle. They rarely think about Great Barrier Reef in the 1st place. In fact, the GBR is now in crucial condition, this largest coral in the world is dying. Therefore, I would like to raise awareness about this matter.


My Neon Fever on Fiverr - The 2nd Gig

My hommies already knew that I'm currently in a deep love exploring neon thingy. Actually, it started since I saw Jay Park's (yeah, him again) 'I Like to Party' music video, still by Jinooya (that influenced my style nowadays). The models wears fluorescent make ups and Jinooya use backlight to shoot, the neon effects result amazed me!

Then I started to think a new gig on my Fiverr account. I accidentally googled "neon portrait", then I saw lots of Hid Saib works, he is a photographer who specialized on neon portrait. Here is some of his works.. Damn!

After a few times researching, exploring, and practicing, I ended up making a decision to submit a new gig..

I will make a NEON PORTRAIT of you

It still far from good, and fake, I don't have pen tablet so thanks to the mouse who makes the face contouring more challenging :D LOL. But I'll work hard and keep practicing to make it as realistic as the actual live shoot.

It's only $5!! You don't need a photographer, you don't have to wear fluorescent make up, etc~ Just prepare your desired portrait, order, wait for the process and BOOM! :D

My Another Side Work: Fiverr

Actually, I've had signed up a Fiverr account like 2-3 years ago when I was on E-commerce class. But I just concern about it recently.

I've submitted my debut gig..

I will turn your 2D logo into 3D.

I offer various package with different prices and services. Also, I provide many Extras to make sure buyer will get all they needs in one gig.

Please take a look on my gig and order it if you are interested :)
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