Jambore Pemuda Indonesia (JPI) Part 1

It started when an offer came to me a few months ago. Someone offered me to join Indonesian youth jamboree (JPI) in Palu, Central Celebes, without ANY TEST! WHAT A CHANCE! XD

I didn't know what kind of event was this, actually. But as I know, it's organized by The Youth and Sport Ministry. Without too much consideration, I immediately accepted the offer. It was free! I just have to prepare myself (body, health, mental, etc.) and some important files.

games before lessons
Let's just talk about the point, I have to attend the quarantine before I go to the jamboree. The first day when I took part on this occasion, I was just like 'WOW!! What the hell are they talking about??' I totally didn't understand, anything. Okay, I thought that I was quite familiar with the arts, but then I realized that I was a newly newbie.

But the more I learn, the more I found that it was not only about the arts. JPI is also an occasion that teach us to accept and admit about the differences, to inspire the youth about the spirit of unity, to become a qualified youth.

So what kind of lessons that I've got in the quarantine? Arts, exactly. We learned Yogyakarta's traditional dance, songs, and games. But not only arts, we also learned in various fields, such as utilization of science and technology, disaster response, and so on.

On the last night of quarantine, we met up PPMI DIY to become acquainted, we performed art shows that we've learned to be shown in the JPI later.
acquainted with The DIY PPMI

So could we say we are ready to join the JPI with only 3 days quarantine? Big no, no... I, personally, not ready in anything. We are given only one day to prepare for departure. But, like it or not, we all must be ready to face anything in Palu later...

Hope Yogykarta's team always solid :)
Pemuda, MAJU! Olah raga, JAYA! Siapa kita? INDONESIA! NKRI, HARGA MATI! Yogyakarta, ISTIMEWA~ :D

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