Jambore Pemuda Indonesia (JPI) Part 2

Naaah... I'm back :D

So I've came home from Palu to join the JPI. What a tiring week!

We landed at Mutiara Airport on about 10 p.m. We greeted by several people dressed in traditional costumes of Central Celebes (Donggala, actually), and picked up by department of transportation of Central Celebes.

On the first sight, I just like "Oh my God, they said it's a city...". But the atmosphere was like in the countryside if we talk about Java. I bet I don't brave enough to walk around there at night.

I would not tell ya all the whole story cause yaah... there're a lotta stories, incidents, etc. on a week, and I'm still lazy to write :D A lotta things happened, chaotic schedule of events, lack of coordination of all parties, i got sick *doh!!*, expensive prices of all things *T__T*, and so on.

A little lovely :')

with wifes of department od transportation officials

DIY and Aceh teams

in front of mayor's office
Let me take the conclusion of the JPI this year: A HOLIDAY!! I don't whether it was good or not.

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